Steering Committee

Environmental Arts Steering Committee is comprised of a wide cross section of individuals who bring specific skills, knowledge and expertise. Membership includes members of the community, patients, proffesional organisations, our Trust, Octagon and Serco. 

The Environmental Arts Steering Committee are:

  • Chair - Richard Drew, Community Representative
  • Vice Chair- Lilian Hodgeson, Patient Representative
  • Kevin Page, General Manager, Octagon
  • Fiona Devine, Director of Media and Communications, NNUH
  • Glenn White, New Works Supervisor, Serco
  • Philip Norgon, Partner, Hansells Solicitors
  • Bob Wotton, Facilities Operations Manager and Environmental Arts Departmental Line Manager, NNUH
  • Amanda Geitner, Director of the East Anglian Art Fund
  • Fiona Ford, Norfolk Museums Service