Our work plays an important role in providing the best quality health care environment for our patients, visitors and staff.

Over the last ten years numerous studies have been carried out that show how incorporating best quality art and design into health care environments ultimately benefits patients, visitors and staff, both physically and mentally.

Based on evidence provided by the Kings Fund, the Arts Council of England and other well established bodies NHS Estates (2005) concluded that best quality health care environments assist with offering:

  • faster patient recovery
  • reduced pain
  • fewer cases of infection
  • greater patient satisfaction
  • reduced stress levels
  • attraction and retention of quality staff  

Since 2005 further evidence has been provided to support better health care environments from organisations including: The Stirling University, The Arts Council of England, The Kings Fund, The Department of Health and the Design Council.  There is now much evidence available to support best practise for many health related areas including dementia care environments, reducing violence and aggression and supporting the Disability Discrimination Act.  

As well as promoting health, rest, relaxation and healing, the inclusion of artwork and participatory arts programmes within hospitals, health centres and care homes can help with rehabilitation, reducing the cost of medicine and helping to curb anxiety and aggression.  It has also been found to aid staff recruitment and retention.